Unique Flavors for All Tastes

Coconut Thai Cuisine is designed to entice the five taste senses. Its unique flavors depend on certain ingredients native to Southeast Asia and the hottest chilis in the world to make an adventure out of your dining experience. We have made a special effort to keep monosodium glutamate (MSG) out of our kitchen. Moreover, we have made special sauce for our vegan and gluten-fee customers in order to enjoy our Thai foods.

chef amy

Owner and Chef Amy

Amy Kawpunna was born in Pattani, a small province in the South of Thailand, where she grew up as part of her large family and absorbed the art of cooking from her family restaurant business. After many years formalizing her technique, she decided to set off on her own in 2012 with the edgy eatery Noodies Thai Kitchen in New York's Hell's Kitchen. She is now married and enjoys cooking for her own family, and also shares with her diners her genuine love for authentic Thai food. The secret to her success is that she puts her heart into each meal offered to all customers. Proving her success with Noodies and wanting to realize her dream of living the small town life, she relocated her family to Statesboro to continue the Coconut spirit!